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Include fish in diet, and keep prostate cancer at bay.


The pace at which globalization has advanced, one has to be busy enough to keep up pace with the changing world. With environment, living style as well as food habits and overall living style has changed immensely. With that has increased some critical yet very common illness amongst members of both the sexes. Erectile dysfunction or impotence might occur from complete inability to achieve erection, or an inconsistent ability to achieve an erection, or the inability to sustain an erection. Previously the common belief of impotence was due to psychological problems, but with the advancement of medical science it is evident that for most men erectile dysfunction is caused by physical problems, generally related to the blood supply of the penis.


The primary cause impotence ?

  • Premature ejaculation of sperm
  • Anxiety to perform might lead to impotence.
  • Depression causes impotence. Consuming antidepressant cause erectile failure.
  • Hormone-induced impotence in prevalent with aging as the secretion of testosterone reduces.
  • Peyronie's wretchedness and diabetes leads to disablement
  • Malfunction of certain sensory nerves also leads to impotence.
  • Narration itemization and smoking leads to infirmity as smoking causes stingy or arteries.







Prostate is a gland in the premier progenitive medium, and infirmity i. e. metastasizes the cells in the prostate leading to prostate cancer. A recent study reveals the out of ten, eight men are prone to being affected by prostate cancer. Cancer in the prostate gland generally causes pain, lead to difficulty in urinating.

Several case-studies have shown possessing a number of sexual partners or starting sexual activity at an early stage in life increases the risk of prostate cancer. Usually the out of the limelight take into consideration except for reveals the relish of unrefined seized by prostate disease. If cancer in the prostate gland is suspected, biopsy is done, during which the sample tissues of the prostate are obtained via the rectum.

Often prostate cancer leads to erectile dysfunction as the former hinders in erection and the hydraulic effect of entering of blood onto the penis and its retention.

Not smoking, exercising regularly, including fatty fish in regular diet, and having a body-mass index of less than 30, has been proved with lowering prostate cancer risk. Tomatoes are excellent source of natural remedies to do away with prostate cancer along with reducing the intake of red meat.

Another very common disease among men is baldness. A recent study has revealed that bald men are prone to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, which in turn might lead to impotence.

Studies report that loosing around hundred to one hundred fifty hairs per day is normal, but if the number increases, then the predetermined factor would be genetic, family history or aging. Even severe stress, nutritional and hormonal change might also be responsible for baldness.

Some other sources of baldness includes

  • Compulsive pulling of hairs.
  • Fungal infection by fungia capitis.
  • Nutritional deficiencies of iron, or dieses as thyroid and anemia.
  • Exposure to radiology or chemotherapy.
  • Trauma.

Today hair transplant therapy is prevalent where baldness can be treated. The treatment includes new hair follicle to be planted, which grows into permanent hair.







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 As I was surfing the internet I came across Yorkshire Health Solutions and learnt that hair may simply thin as a result of predetermined genetic factors, family history, and the overall aging process. So nothing to worry about it much.    

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Proper dieting habits are also responsible for a sound and healthy body. This is what I have learnt while going through an excellent article as published by Yorkshire Health Solutions. Thoroughly informative and accurate in description.

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Premature ejaculation is also a sort of impotence is what I had learnt from Yorkshire Health Solutions. The website is an excellent source of information, enabling the reader to get acquainted with the reality and physical problems experienced by them.